Script Analysis

Script Coverage

Script Coverage

Script Coverage (2 pages) includes Logline; Synopsis; Positive and negative
aspects of premise, story, character and dialogue.

$ 250.00
Comprehensive Script Coverage

Comprehensive Script Coverage (4-5 pages) provides an in-depth analysis
of strengths and weaknesses of premise, story, character and dialogue.

$ 450.00
Story Notes

Story Notes (5-6 pages) focus upon suggestions to improve weak elements
of a script (i.e., developmental flaws within characterization, dialogue,
story arcs, structure, subplots, etc.).

$ 550.00
Screenplay Polishes

Screenplay Polishes are provided to redraft a minimal amount of scenes
within a script for creative enhancement.

Fee upon request
Screenplay Rewrites

Screenplay Rewrites are provided to overcome major developmental flaws
within a script, requiring substantial redrafting of Acts 1-3.

Fee upon request
Screenplay Adaptations

Screenplay Adaptations are provided to authors of previously written
material (i.e., novels, plays, and short stories).

Fee upon request
Screenplay Ghostwriting

Screenplay Ghostwriting is provided to formulate an entire script based
upon synopses, outlines and/or treatments.

Fee upon request
Free Script Submissions

Free Script Submissions are only included with rewrite, packaging, adaptation
or ghostwriting services.