Film Packaging


Screenwriter Services utilizes film packaging as a key strategy to help screenwriters market their work to a variety of film and television companies.

The process begins with a creative consultant analyzing your screenplay and identifying both positive and negative aspects of story structure, dialogue, characterization, etc. This professional critique, a Marketing Breakdown, indicates if the script will be recommended for production to a potential buyer.

Next, a Line Producer/Unit Production Manager completes full budgets…. a lower or a higher budget. If necessary, we tweak these budgets to fit the needs of production companies interested in financing your project.

Next, we develop a cast wish list. Our casting director helps to make casting suggestions for actors who would be right for the lead roles in your project. If and when financing is secured, the casting director facilitates the offers to the actors’ agents. Concurrently, we prepare a directors wish list. These are names of film directors that would be appropriate to helm your project. Once funding is in place, a business consultant prepares and makes an offer to the director via his or her agent.

Part of the film packaging process, our team of professionals develops marketing strategies regularly. They suggest companies that might be interested in producing your screenplay and establish direct contact with them.

Once your film package is completed, we continue marketing and submitting it on a time sensitive basis. Our expert team includes two line producers, two ghost writers/script doctors, a casting director, a technical consultant and independent producers with first-look deals.



Package One

  • Budget with one edit
  • Marketing Breakdown
  • Cast List
  • Directors Wish List
  • Production Package Top Sheet
  • Script Promotion Marketing Fee included for the first three months

Package Two

  • Budget with two edits
  • Marketing Breakdown
  • Cast Wish List
  • Directors Wish List
  • Production Package Top Sheet
  • Film Financing Potential
  • Script Rewrite
  • Script Promotion Marketing Fee included for the first 3 months